2nd place in a competition :D

A Gift of Love

Just a note: I got a request from my hubby that I split the story posts and the essay posts more strictly. From now on, all posts logged under the category of “Stories” (see right panel – it should be in the middle-ish somewhere) will contain only stories or links to stories that I have written.

All posts that are essays on writing will appear under the category of “About writing”.

So, yes, the post below contains the same link from the previous post.


I got the good news this morning that I got second place in a competition I entered last month. It appears that it was close and I almost won. Go check out A Gift of Love (the story by me – Natalie Myburgh) on the AllAboutWriting site.

(In case this didn’t come across: The image of the rose is for my flash fiction entry linked above.)


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