The write priorities

To-do List

Every so often you find yourself just not doing what you thought you would. For instance, I planned to enter at least one competition per month, write at least one blog entry per week and write at least 1000 words per day on either my fantasy story or my self-help book. But, I have found that it often becomes an either or situation.

During weeks where I manage to average 1000 words a day, I don’t get around to my blog and forget entirely about the competitions. During weeks where I write my blog entries, I get to maybe 2000 words total of story/self-help book. During months where I enter a competition, I inexplicably feel like my goals have been met and I just can’t concentrate on writing enough to actually write more than two blog entries and maybe 5000 words of story/self-help book.

It may sound silly, especially considering that I have about six hours a day to accomplish these meagre goals. But then, there are the endless chores and need-to-do’s around the house; the friends I haven’t seen in months who treat me to lunch; my general distractedness as an expectant mother (first child and everything); and the need to rest somewhere along the line.

At least I can promise you a short story during next month. I managed to write one this morning (for a competition with the driest topic ever). And I plan to actually write a bit on my story and my self-help book after lunch. All productive I am today!


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