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As a fairly unknown author (don’t worry, I will make it big – no way I’m pulling out of my life dream), I often sit with questions and doubts… If you write, you will know them intimately.

  • This belief that my writing is gold coupled with crippling self-doubt, do other writers suffer from this?
  • Getting feedback on my stories kills my spirit, do I really suck that much?
  • Getting feedback like “I liked it” is nice, but it means nothing to me…how do I get feedback that actually means something?
  • How on earth am I supposed to get around to writing if I have a 9-5 job/kids/household chores/friends?
  • How do I get people to give me feedback on stories? I mean, they know it’s not ready for publishing and they don’t feel like reading it. How do I convince them?
  • People look at me like I’m a bum because I choose to write and be poor for now. How do I deal with the constant judgment?

There are many more. They haunt me everywhere I go.

Luckily, I have found like-minded people. One of these iRichard T Wheelers Richard T. Wheeler, an absolutely invaluable asset to my writer self. Richard has a passion for fellow writers. He loves helping writers find their way. He loves sharing what he has learned in his relentless quest to learn the three big things in writing: craft, organisation and marketing.

I highly recommend checking out his website for fiction writers: Dauntless Writing. He’s adding content as often as he can and it’s all about the stuff independent writers need and want to know.



2 thoughts on “For fellow writers – Dauntless Writing

  1. The Happy Typewriter says:

    Ah, that last dot point, I can so relate.

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  2. […] Writing mission. I’m pleased and thankful that Natalie Rivener of wrote a post on Dauntless, and hope I can reach and assist many writers like her through this site. I’ve publish a […]

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