Expanding Yrthull

It is time to move forward! I am expanding Yrthull to include new characters, places and plots. Why? Because I am working on the first novel (or perhaps novella) set in Yrthull!

Until Stormbringer is ready, I hope to reward my ardent fans with tasters and teasers (small snippets of scenes I’m working on). Check out the new content under Yrthull>>Scion of the Myrrh or follow this link. So far, there are character portraits and some basic character information (I’m trying to avoid spoilers).

You might wonder what’s taking me so long…well, I can think of three answers:

Planning and research

This is the part of writing that non-writers tend to forget about. Though, in my experience, there are also writers who forget about it. Hahaha. I’ve got hoards of planning and I’ve spent a vast number of hours doing research.

This is a small portion of the planning I’ve done over the last two decades…
Expanding Yrthull
Maps and location planning.
A single character’s appearance changing because of advances in backstory.

Being a mom

It might sound stupid to those who don’t have kids, but those little critters keep you crazy busy and distracted…especially when they’re still in primary school. There’s homework, requests for snacks, requests for drinks (you’d think they would just get water from a tap but noooo), nagging for more screen time, nagging because dinner’s not ready yet, nagging for toys, pouting about things not going their way, fights that I have referee because neither of them will admit to starting it… Sigh.

Aaaand then the ‘Rona happened. Hahahahahahaha. I didn’t even try to write during 2020. I have 2000 words to show for the whole year.

The good news on this front is that my kids have learned leave me alone a little more.


This is actually a horrifying cycle involving much anxiety, self-doubt, insecurity and frustration. All creative types suffer from this.

Let’s do this!

‘Rona won’t be gone any time soon but we can change with the times, n’est pas? Here’s to a new year where surfing the pandemic is the new normal.


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