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From the ashes, the phoenix shall rise again and set the world aflame…

More Than a Fish –by Natalie Rivener
When Myhrrl runs away from her arranged marriage and (sort of) into Eldvin’s arms, he can almost ignore the fact that they have been captured by pirates. Maybe this fisher boy is destined for more than gutting fish after all.

Layers of Darkness –by Ann-Elize de Ridder
Growing up with tales of great warriors taught Eveline one thing: When things get tough, a true knight will not ride off into the sunset with you. A true knight will stand by your side through the darkness.

The Kobold Who Breathed Fire –by Richard T Wheeler
The Eldkin told Kobold Nix that he’s to become a snatcher. He, however, is set on becoming a mysterious flametongue to impress enigmatic she-kobold Shi’zine. Nix’s a little greedy thing. Too bad kobolds define greediness as a four-letter yip.

Dragon’s Breath –by Rob McShane
A dragon without fire? When Warheart is called to lead his house to war, he can hide the loss of his dragon’s breath no longer. Will he find his strength or is he doomed to fail and burn?

Radiance –by Carmen Dominique Taxer
For six decades, Ka-Jyn has sworn to protect the people of Disara from pain and disease. But now, succumbing to the ravages of age, she must defy the laws of nature and seek help from an old friend.

The Pirate Who Played with Fire –by Ryhen E Knight
When magical fire and a drunk pirate collide, things go south and it is up to Tom and Elyan to set aside their wedding plans to rescue the situation. And maybe a cat.

Ancient Ashes –by Minki Pool
Dell, a troublemaking heiress, is sent on an archaeological expedition to unearth an ancient religious relic. When it becomes clear that the relic has devastating secrets of its own, she must choose between betraying her family, or betraying everything she has come to believe in.

What Remains –by Vittorio Leonardi
“It’s amazing what you’ll agree to when you’re on fire.”
Cole has been haunted by his father’s words since the old man’s death. On the dark side of the moon, he’ll come closer to understanding them than he can imagine.



All fires eventually burn out. But occasionally, passion reignites the flame and the Phoenix soars once more. 

The Flight of the Phoenix brings together seven authors with their individual short stories around the central theme of hope and rebirth from smoldering ashes. Wonder at this transmutation as these authors explore a dragon’s selfish quest for vengeance, the discovery that a captor is sometimes the captive, how far one will go off the beaten path for love, how change could become vital to survival, how nature will restore what it has lost, cheese filled sausage and love in Ireland, and the bleak futures of mankind.


Cover art

The Mystic – Smashwords edition


The Mystic – Kindle edition

In the magical realm of the fairies, EL Tianne, queen of the fairies, is watching the sand of a young adept’s life running out. The young man is about to die in the storm of his own power tearing him apart. Only one can be sent to save him. Only one has the power to bring him back alive. But the Mystic is late. He might not make it in time.



Beyond – Smashwords edition

01_Beyond_A Scroll of the Scion of the Myhrr

Beyond – Kindle edition



The Myrrh of Yrthull are dying but, if they can fill Birr Rhellor’s prophecy, they will be freed of their doom. A small group of warriors now head out on this quest and ahead of them lies the fearsome Serpent Storm. Will they be able to cross this deadly barrier and return to fulfill they prophecy?


Snake for Argannon

Snake for Argannon – Kindle edition

When Prince Zehnnar’s elder brother, Remnarez, returns badly hurt from a sortie against their greedy northern neighbours, Zehnnar has to step up as the next in line for the Arganian throne. Problem is, he’s never held a sword or attended a council meeting in his life, but his brother will never let him live it down if he doesn’t at least try.


02_More than a fish

More Than a Fish – Kindle edition

When Myhrrl runs away from her arranged marriage and (sort of) into Eldvin’s arms, he can almost ignore the fact that they have been captured by pirates. Maybe this fisher boy is destined for more than gutting fish after all.


05_Captive_A Scroll from The Days of the Diaspora

Captive – Kindle edition

When apprentice mage Fynn is captured by Phirae, a beautiful sorceress from beyond Yrthull’s seas, he finds himself cut off from his magic and chained in the hold of a ship like an animal. But his captor can’t face the fate she has bestowed on him and she reveals what she had meant to do with him – repay a blood debt to a dangerous man. A debt that can only be paid with the life of a mage.
Will he leave her to pay the debt with her own life or is there another way?


The Gravic Exacerbation

The Gravic Exacerbation – Smashwords edition


04_The gravic exacerbation

The Gravic Exacerbation – Kindle edition

It is a day like any other when the ripples of two greater castings shake the grounds of the University of Yithnisia. No one pays it much heed…except for Corvic, arguably the most hated person at the University. It is now up to him to convince everyone of the mortal danger they have landed themselves in. But…will they listen?


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