CEA Past your Reality 2 – pre-orders open!

CEA Past your Reality 2 pre-orders open

It is time for new stories and expanding our horizons! Celenic Earth Publications have put together a fantasy anthology by writers from across the globe. CEA Past your Reality is available for pre-orders on Amazon! Why do you want it? I have contributed one of the Scrolls of Yrthull’s End to this international anthology – A Snake for Argannon.

When Prince Zehnnar’s elder brother, Remnarez, returns badly hurt from a sortie against their greedy northern neighbours, Zehnnar has to step up as the next in line for the Arganian throne. Problem is, he’s never held a sword or attended a council meeting in his life, but his brother will never let him live it down if he doesn’t at least try.

This short story is set about about a year before More Than a Fish and it takes place on the opposite end of Yrthull in the Silver City of Argannon.


Other stories in the anthology:

  • Cynthia and Roy C. Booth– No Good Deed Goes Unbetrayed
  • Donna Marie West – Dorothy and the Orbs
  • Grannd Kane – Stranger’s Shadow
  • Angelique Pacheco – Psychedelic Mystery Solvers
  • Ryhen Knight – Odin is Coming
  • Shane Porteous – A Hard Kill to Swallow
  • Vittorio Leonardi – Wand


Pre-order your copy of CEA Beyond your Reality 2 now so you can get it the moment it’s released on Kindle!