It has been long overdue and I feel a bit sheepish that it took me this long but I have finally gotten around to publishing all my short stories (so far) on Amazon. If all goes according to plan, I’ll even be adding a sixth to my repertoire – Slave for Argannon.

Thanks to my dedicated designer, Ida van Os, I have newly revamped covers for all my short stories! If you still need to get your hands on one or more of my stories (or you just like the new covers), just click on the images below. They will take you directly to their corresponding pages on Amazon so you can buy them.


The Mystic – Kindle edition


01_Beyond_A Scroll of the Scion of the Myhrr

Beyond – Kindle edition

02_More than a fish

More Than a Fish – Kindle edition

05_Captive_A Scroll from The Days of the Diaspora

Captive – Kindle edition

04_The gravic exacerbation

The Gravic Exacerbation – Kindle edition

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