Scion of the Myrrh

Short stories and novels in this arc:

  • Beyond – A Scroll of the Scion of the Myrrh
  • Stormbringer – A Tome of the Scion of the Myrrh
  • Maiden of Silenview – A Tome of the Scion of the Myrrh
  • Scion Queen – A Tome of the Scion of the Myrrh


Nodan Trench

Notable characters: Yrrin (main), Wirrol, Ehlir, Shash and Bobber.


the halls of gata

Notable characters: Dylorf, Yurib and the Sulang ban Gata.



Notable characters:

Nehmli (main)

A foundling who grew up in Finnshaw from age 5. She lives with her Aunt Harrion just outside the main village.

Harrion (main)

Harrion sells unusual glass chimes and jewellery, and has taken in Nehmli as her daughter.



A fisherman of Finshaw. He was married to Harrion but left her for Lilya, the tavern owner’s daughter.



The taverner’s daughter. She is the village’s local beauty and is desired by all the men.


The tavern’s owner and Lilya’s mother.


Harrion’s best customer and source of gossip.



Andon is the eldest son of Mey and Brevin Waterman. They are one of the fishing families in Finshaw. Andon has taken a liking to Nehmli.



A widow who lost her husband and all her children to the storms that have plagued Finshaw since Nehmli’s arrival.


Yahn and Old Woman Mihn

Finshaw’s great-elders. They mediate disputes and serve as the voice of reason for the village.


On the trade route through the woods



An Alvari healer of the Olde and known herbalist to the denizens of the wood trade routes.



Notable characters:


He is best known as the recluse of Silenview. This shabby man is considered delusional and, though tolerated, is mostly avoided.