A Guinness Experience

Today I marked an item off my subconscious Bucket List. I participated in a Guinness World Record attempt – Most people pole dancing – multiple venuesOur studio is donating the money we raised to CHOC – Childhood Cancer Foundation SA. 

I really had no idea that it had been such a big wish in my heart until I hurt a stomach muscle while stretching last Sunday. That was when it hit me that I might not get this chance. A chance to be part of something that I had always labelled “Things Americans get to experience”. You know, something a South African girl like me could never be a part of, something they put on international TV.

Long story short, the muscled healed enough during the week for me to dance today.  And, I proved myself wrong about the Americans-only thing. And you can even see me taking part here. You can’t really hear the music, though. 😛 It was Justin Timberlake’s “Love Stoned”.



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